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The All New Subaru Outback 2017 – A Complete Review


The Subaru Outback 2017 is one amazing vehicle. It is one of the most spacious and practical crossovers you can come across. It is equally impressive for someone who is looking for a family vehicle.

The year has only begun and Subaru, the Japanese automaker, has already sold enough Outbacks to claim the second spot on the bestselling SUV in the large SUV segment...

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Why this Simple Strategy is Working for Subaru?


The theory of KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) has gained popularity in the recent years. It suggests that things will work out better if kept simple rather than complicated which only makes it difficult to understand, manage, and deploy. The automobile industry could use with some of the benefits of the KISS principle.


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Subaru BRZ gets a Track Mode

The Japanese automobile manufacturer is now working hard to push forward the all new BRZ 2017 upgrade.

The 2017 model will have more power, even better handling and a brand new track mode that will help you fulfill your dream of drifting like Han and Sean in the Fast and Furious franchise.

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2016 Subaru Crosstrek is the Perfect Alternative for Sub-Compact Crossovers

Subaru refused to take the traditional route here, and this unique philosophy has worked for them.

Subarus are quite popular and have been setting sales records year after year, and they have won numerous awards for their safety features. The Japanese automobile giant is known for its rally ready style sports cars too.

The plan

Instead of hurrying to build a small crossover, Subaru built a small AWD (All Wheel Drive) wagon which they named the Crosstrek. This replicated the ride height from crossovers but was still a car that offered better gas mileage and the opportunity to go off…

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Subaru will have an Electric Crossover Utility Vehicle by 2021

In return, almost half of their global sales is now in this market.

The crossover utility vehicles from this company handle like cars more than any other automaker and their hatchbacks and sedans stand out because of their all-wheel drive function. They are also known for their unique boxer style engines which deliver better performance. They are also known from their rally ready racing cars that come AWD.

But still, they are very small when compared to the giants of the industry, and this means they are going to have a tough time fighting the tough regulations which are coming…

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