Flat tires do occur and it is a random event that is beyond your control. Some people believe spare tires to be more of a nuisance than a need. It is only when you are stranded on an isolated highway, you realize that you need and must always carry a spare tire.

Why Manufacturers are doing away with the Spare Tire?

There is no law that states automobiles must come fitted with a spare tire. However, if the manufacturer provides a spare one, it must adhere to all sorts of law like condition, wear, and so on. This is one of the reasons why manufacturers are increasingly doing away with the spare tire concept. Most of the cars that reach the salvage yard (such as the one in Breaking Bad where they were planning to destroy the evidence in the police station) show that the spare tire, jack, and its tools remain unused 85% of the time. They are not even touched once until they reach the end of the vehicle's life.

There are 4 wheels and the spare tire accounts for the fifth one. This means for every car being manufactured, 20% of the resources are being invested in something that is probably not going to be used ever and those goofy regulations are another massive turnoff. Doing away with the spare tire not only allows manufacturers to claim a bigger storage space, it also reduces the cost and weight of the vehicle.

It reduces raw material requirements and labor costs saving manufacturer that much resources and time. There is also the question of whether the spare tire itself is flat or not when you need it. Manufacturers are exchanging spare tires with a repair kit that comes with a sealant and an electric compressor.

Cell Phones are almost Ubiquitous

Also, more people now have a cell phone. Unlike 30 years ago, calling for help now is much easier.

Why You should always Carry a Spare Tire

You don’t always need a spare tire. Agreed. You may need it only if you get a flat tire and the chances of that happening are slim or next to none. But what happens if you do get a flat tire which is not an isolated event as customers are led to think.

The trouble with the sealant is that it will not work on larger leaks. You need a spare tire in that case. It is highly recommended that you carry a spare tire, jack, tools and air compressor with you at all times. This will ensure that you will reach your destination even if you fail to find a mechanic or any other help.

Most of the time customers are not even aware of the fact that their new car does not come with a spare tire. It is highly recommended that you check your truck by lifting the flunk to see if you are being provided with one. But many small cars do not even have the room for a spare tire.  

You may not need it every single day; however, when you do, you will thank yourself for making that smart decision. Even if you do not know how to change the tire, if you do have one in your trunk, you might ask for help and find someone to do it for you. There is still good left in the world but these same people can help you call for help since help is much closer now because (as already stated) of the age of the cell phone.

A Simple Solution

Here is an alternate solution. Get a spare tire with the right tools and keep it in your garage. If you are traveling to and fro from your office and home on route with good roads, then you may never need a spare one. Even if you do get a flat tire, you will find help as already stated. Carry the spare tire when you are planning a long trip, or when you are traveling by road to a remote area or someplace where the roads are not that good. That way you have the best of both the worlds and you can help yourself mitigate disaster.

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