Subaru of America Moves to Camden

Subaru of America (SOA) has experienced quite a bit of success in recent years. Booming sales and constant growth have led the company to reach several milestones and shoot to the forefront of the automotive industry in the United States.

This success came to a clear peak earlier this year. In April, Subaru of America announced that it had sold its two millionth Subaru Outback. The Outback has become a staple among daily drivers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Additionally, the company announced that it had sold its nine millionth vehicle later that month.

SOA has clearly been experiencing some success. To accommodate increased demand and popularity, the company has opened a new headquarters, located in Camden, New Jersey. The new headquarters building and campus is more than two times bigger than the previous setup.

Moving from the old location to the new one is a big deal for the company. SOA has been located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey since 1986, and has deep ties with the region. However, the new headquarters is being built with a training center, and will host a total of 550 employees to start. The future of SOA is bright, and their new headquarters is helping them to push forward.

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