Subaru Contributes to Oregon Humane Society

Subaru has long been a company that supports and thrives in the community. Subaru of America, Inc. is constantly helping communities and individuals going through hard times. This care is culminated in Subaru’s signature event, the Subaru Share The Love event.

In this annual event, Subaru gives back to communities throughout the country, often through donations to charities. While people are the main focus of this event, the company does not neglect America’s four-legged friends. Subaru also hosts the Subaru Loves Pets initiative, which is dedicated to helping humane societies across the country and give the animals better lives.

Subaru came through for the Oregon Humane Society and donated almost $57,000 to the charity. This donation will go a long way to helping both the humane society and the pets it cares for. Subaru was able to make this sizeable donation with the help of its local dealers. For every new Subaru sold, seven Portland dealers donated $25.

The Oregon Humane Society has been a mainstay of the Portland region for 150 years, and Subaru is helping to ensure the society continues its historic work. The company has supported the humane society for 14 years, and the teamwork shown by Portland retailers helped Subaru give the society its largest donation of 2018. Subaru shows its love by helping people and pets alike across the United States. 

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