The Subaru STI Type RA Time Attack Car Faces Unparalleled Highway

Subaru has a history of testing the company’s rally vehicles, as well as the drivers, in some of the toughest courses out there. For the Subaru STI Type RA Time Attack Car, this test comes on the nearly 53 mile stretch of the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania.

This stretch of road demands the best from both driver and vehicle. In addition to featuring hundreds of turns, the TransfagarasanHighway is settled in a mountain range that sports its own climate, making it very hazardous to traverse. Despite all of the factors working against them, the Subaru team was able to traverse the 52.2 miles in 40 minutes and 58.08 seconds, showing the power and handling of the STI Type RA car. To learn more and see the process for conquering the Transfagarasan, check out the video above.

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