Subaru and REI Continue Partnership

Subaru of America, Inc. and Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) have continued their close-knit partnership to make the outdoors more accessible to people across the country. REI and Subaru are both known for their connection to the outdoors; REI is a leading supplier of outdoor gear, and Subaru produces vehicles built for being off the beaten path.

The two companies clearly see the importance of time spent outdoors and are looking to bring these experiences to as much of the public as possible. As such Subaru will be joining and supporting REI for numerous events throughout the summer and into the fall. The two previously had success with REI’s #OptOutside initiative and are looking to bring this success into these other events.

Subaru of America and REI will be partnering up this year for Outessa, a road trip, and campouts. All of these programs are in hopes of encouraging outdoor activity. According to the official Outessa website, “Outessa is a series of outdoor events designed for women where you’ll discover something amazing—an outdoor skill, new friends, a fun challenge, and in the end, a greater appreciation of yourself.” Subaru will be present at several events, including Outessafest music festival.

In addition to working with Outessa, Subaru will be taking a road trip to 12 REI stores across the country, where customers can interact and learn about the 2019 Subaru Ascent and other vehicles. To finish out the REI and Subaru partnership, Subaru will be presenting REI campouts throughout the summer and into the end of October. These two giants in their industries are working to get people outdoors and into nature.

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