Ready Your Vehicle for Winter

Now that summer is over, readying your vehicle for winter can begin. While fall can experience turbulent weather of its own, it is a far cry from the weather extremes of summer and winter.

The break between summer and winter is an ideal time to fix your vehicle up after the summer and prepare it for winter. Regular maintenance is important, but there are a few areas in particular to focus on at this time.


With the extra driving that often comes from summer activities, it is a good idea to make sure your tires are in good condition. Fall is a good time to get your tires rotated and check for wear. In preparation for winter, you may also want to look into snow tires. These tires are ideally suited for driving in snowy weather and may be a good choice in wintry conditions.


The last thing that you want in bad weather are worn brakes. In the northeast, late fall often produces some serious storms. Getting your brakes checked and replaced can help prevent issues down the line. If you hear any squeaking or squealing when braking, its very important to get the brakes checked.


Regular oil changes are important for a healthy engine. During weather extremes, your vehicle works harder in order to keep functioning properly. Changing your oil in the fall will ensure that your vehicle is geared up for the cold winter months.

Regular maintenance is an important part of vehicular ownership. Early fall is a great time to catch up on your maintenance after the summer heat, and prepare for the weather to come.

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