Subaru Technology Helps Reduce Collisions

On the road, one of the most devastating accidents is a vehicle colliding with a pedestrian. This problem is particularly evident in cities, where there are high vehicle volumes and considerable foot traffic. Due to the high number of pedestrian collisions, technology has been developed to reduce the statistics.

One of the very successful technologies is Subaru EyeSight. This driver assist technology was constructed in order to reduce such collisions. Thus far, the technology has proven very effective at its job. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), Eyesight technology reduces the likelihood of getting into an accident.

The HLDI measured a 41% reduction in insurance claims of Subaru vehicles equipped with EyeSight technology, when compared to vehicles without it. This means that there are less accidents occurring, and thus less insurance claims being filed.

The EyeSight technology with this stellar performance is actually the second-generation. The first-generation EyeSight was introduced in 2013. The inaugural generation was also successful, with a 33% drop in pedestrian-related claims. The advanced second-generation EyeSight can actively detect a pedestrian in front of the vehicle, and automatically move to avoid or reduce the impact of the accident. This includes the possibility of even bringing the vehicle to a stop.

The second-generation Subaru EyeSight technology is reducing pedestrian collisions and keeping both drivers, and pedestrians, safer.

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