Subaru Releases Prices on 2019 BRZ

The Subaru BRZ is a sleek, powerful sports car. It is a combination of superior speed, power, and Subaru engineering. The 2018 model was very successful and sped successfully through a very competitive portion of the automotive industry. The 2019 model has been highly anticipated, and Subaru has released the prices for the upcoming model.

Buyers will have no shortage of choices when choosing a new 2019 BRZ of their own. The upcoming model will feature three trims; Premium, Limited, and Series.Gray. The latter of the three is a special addition and all-new for 2019. The Series.Gray is very unique, with a new set of trim both inside and outside the vehicle.

The base price for the 2019 BRZ is $25,795; this is only a slight increase over the previous year’s model. This base price is the starting price for the 2019 BRZ Premium. The Limited jumps up slightly to $28,645 followed by the Series.Gray at $30,140. An additional performance package can be added to these vehicles for $1,195. This package includes higher quality brakes, shock absorbers, and wheels.

Drivers can expect the power and performance in the 2019 model that’s become expected of the BRZ, with updated technology. The vehicle’s STARLINK technology, which is an advanced internal system built for entertainment and navigation, has gotten upgraded. There’s a lot to love about the 2019 BRZ, including its affordable price.

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