Now, Subaru's own version of a rear-drive coupe is going to be getting similar updates. It will not be changing its name, though, and there is absolutely no reason why it needs to.

People have grown used to the BRZ name, and there is no point in changing it now. Plus, it is a cool name with a ring to it. But what is changing, and for the good is the fact that the BRZ is now going to be available in a cool Yellow color with matching interiors to add to the essence. Subaru is calling it the Series. Yellow and the Japanese car maker is going to manufacture only 500 of them for the year 2017.


Like its twin from Toyota, the BRZ is going to see some updates to its engine. The 2L, flat four boxer style engine has been changed in order to try and reduce friction. The new aluminum intake on the car along with its redesigned exhaust means its output has been bumped up from 200 hp and 151 lb-ft to 205 hp and 156 lb-ft respectively for all the trim levels with manual transmission.

Along with this, the final drive ratio of the manual transmission has also been changed to 4.3:1 from 4.1:1. This means that the acceleration is going to increase as well. This certainly isn't the same turbo charged engine which many people were craving for, but everyone can agree that it has an additional output which is something no one will be complaining about.

This is an amazing car. When you combine the fabulous engine with the stunning looks you have a match made in heaven. This car does not have too many flaws if any. Yes, this may not be the ideal family car and you are not going to use this car to go off-roading but so what? This car is fantastic and will offer anyone another reason to smile since it is apparent they have done OK in life.

Other Changes

There have been a small set of updates added to the suspension of the Subaru as well. There are new dampers and springs, a bigger rear sway bar, some adjustments to the structural braces in order to improve rigidity, etc. nothing very dramatic. Subaru has also reprogrammed the car's stability control system which now gives drivers additional freedom and the Sports mode has also been rebranded as the Track setting mode.

There is also a new Performance Package, which comes with Brembo brakes and upsized rotors, Sachs branded shocks and 17-inch black wheels. The Performance package will only be available with Limited models that have manual transmission. This only strengthens the argument against having auto transmission. The Performance pack will also help Subaru set itself apart from the competition.

There are a few subtle changes to the aesthetics of the car which are similar to the 86. Some people may even be able to notice a pattern forming here. Subaru has restyled the front and the rear fascia and has also added LED lamps on all four corners.

The Limited models come with a brand new 4.2-inch LCD-display, which sits on the right of the tachometer. There are various other mechanical information available that is available too like the temperature of the oil, temperature of the water, voltage of the battery, a G-meter, brake/gas meters, a steering angle indicator, and even a stopwatch.

The 2017 BRZ Limited and Premium edition is going to be available with dealers come this September. But if you want to get one of the cars which come with the new Performance Package, you will have to wait a little bit more till 2017.

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