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At Haldeman Subaru, our priority isn't only to provide you with the best new and used vehicles- we also want to help you get on the road in your newly purchased vehicle as easily as possible. We pride ourselves on our professional and reliable finance center, and our finance team is ready to help you when you shop with us here at Haldeman Subaru. Deciding whether to buy or lease, sorting through your many options, trading in older vehicles, and determining the budgets and payment periods that work best for you. We'll have you driving away in your perfect vehicle in no time at all! Keep reading to learn more about our finance center.


Financing Benefits

Being able to call your new vehicle completely yours has a lot of upsides. With leasing a car is only yours for a few years, but buying it outright makes it yours forever. You'll never have to worry about a mileage limit as the end of your lease draws nearer, and you can update, modify, repair, or change the vehicle in any way you like with no restrictions. Custom equipment installation? That's fine! You're also able to get the full benefits of your vehicle's trade-in or resale value if you ever do decide to switch to a new vehicle. There are many financing plans that we can offer you at our finance center that allow you to pay off your new vehicle over time, and our staff members will help you find the one to suit your needs.


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Leasing Benefits

Leasing your new vehicle is a great option for many drivers. Not only does leasing allow you to enjoy a new car every few years as opposed to the less frequent turnover of buying a car, but when leasing your vehicle you often pay less per month, depending on your payment plan, than you do when financing the car. If you've grown used to the car over the course of your leasing period, you also have the option of buying the vehicle then, allowing you to essentially test drive a vehicle for several years! Leasing also helps you to minimize repair costs, since most people lease for the length of their manufacturer's warranty and repairs are usually covered.


Subaru Motors Finance

Our Subaru Motors Finance program is provided to our customers through JPMorgan Chase Bank. With this program, we are able to provide our credit approved customers with unique benefits towards leasing a new Subaru or financing a new or used vehicle. Some of these benefits that you can expect to find include competitive finance or lease options, one-stop shopping through your local Subaru retailer, flexible payment options, paperless statements, experienced, professional customer service representatives, and access to account information anytime, anywhere.


Financing your vehicle is often the most stressful part of the car shopping process, but with the Haldeman Subaru finance center on your side, you don't have to be daunted. For more information or to speak with one of our team members, contact us here.

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