One of the most loved topics has been the released image by Subaru for its 2017 XV Concept car and the excitement as to what the Concept will feature.

Looks that will Redefine Brand Subaru

Though many would say that the design is probably similar to previous versions and other hatchbacks, you cannot miss the prominent changes that give the XV Concept a unique look. The first noteworthy element, undoubtedly, is the dazzling range of colors that will surely catch your eyes, and those of people who watch you drive this big boy on the road!

The aerodynamic design has been paid special attention, and that’s what makes the XV Concept stand apart from other hatchbacks, apart from helping it zoom past other cars on the road. Enormous ground clearance will let you drive in deep snow as well as drift off-road for your weekend adventures! Headlights shown in the teaser are among sexiest pairs ever flaunted by a car in the segment! The tires and the front bumpers too are crafted for making a style statement and not just serve the utilitarian value. It is rumored that the car design will set the trend for Subaru’s next gen cars. 

It is a magnificent two door car. It is like luxury and tough mixed into one if the actual XV Concept looks like the one they revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show.

Be Subaru Safe

Nothing is safer than a Subaru! And with the XV Concept, Subaru takes safety a notch higher, setting newer standards! The 2017 XV Concept car will host new technologies to ramp up the safety department. Blind spot monitoring, assistance for lane change, etc. are among the noteworthy safety functionalities brought forth by Subaru EyeSight technology.

A point to make is who does this for big rigs? Are big rigs receiving this type of technology so we are not threatened by these massive moving machines? Well, Subaru is at least covering their bases with making their cars safer and more enjoyable to ride.

Fly and Glide with the XV Concept

There’s as much exciting under the hood as outside it, with 2017 XV Concept. Performance has been given a boost and that has made people love their favourite brand all over again. The 150 hp engine is sure to pack a punch on the road. That’s adding more power to an already powerful and efficient Subaru! There are talks of the XV Concept running on Subaru hybrid engine. The steering has been made much more responsive and the upgraded shock absorbers don’t let you feel the road bumps. It’s a fun filled ride alright.

Interiors to Captivate You

Inside, there is a whole new sense of exhilaration with the interior designing of 2017 XV Concept’s cabin. The elegant feel of XV’s insides showcases how Subaru is keen to make its mark in the rather unexplored terrain of in-cabin experience for the manufacturer. The material quality and the build are top notch. The XV is laden with hi-tech technologies that entertain and engage you.

The auto climate control system and the all new infotainment section are hosted on a 7 inch touch-screen panel. No, you cannot play X-Box while you drive! When you are parked though? Perhaps they will think of that next. Or how about have computer games built in since that is what cars are now, one large computer. You could play them when the car is parked and you have an extra few minutes.

Who can come near it?

The XV Concept has all the ingredients of being a fantastic recipe of success for Subaru, and could single-handedly eliminate several competitor vehicles! The 2017 XV Concept is the perfect harmony of dashing looks, performance, fuel economy, and safety – it’s certainly going to be a tough nut to crack for others. Of course, Subaru fans aren’t complaining.

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