First, however we need to browse over the similarities or rather the reasons that these vehicles are in the race for.

  • They have a more stable chassis than older models.
  • The steering on these vehicles is flat-bottomed.
  • They offer greater space.

Engine and power specs of 2016 Subaru WRX

Reviewers would reveal that the WRX is in a class of its own. The reason for this is mainly FA turbocharged engine is able to produce 268hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, from a range of 2,000 rpm to 5,200 rpm. 

Sneak Peak into WRXs Special Features

One of the most striking features of the WRX is the 2.0-liter turbo boxer that substitutes the age-old 2.5-liter power-plant of the STI. The smooth new 6 speed manual gear assembly from STI is now available in the WRX, plugging the gap between the two vehicles. The WRX facilitates smoother gear shifts with the help of carbon synchronizers.

The safety features of the WRX are also noticeably brilliant as the eyesight package has now been made available. The Multimedia Navigation System on the vehicle is available at $2,100 more than the base price of $28,895 and even if you bought this it would still be cheaper than the STI. The StarLink 7.0 Multimeedia Navigation System which includes Sirus XM NavWeather and the Sirus NavTraffic is likely to be appreciated by customers.

Another superb feature of this model is the ride quality at high speeds. The pedal space left even in the fifth gear is remarkable and the 6th gear works well at speeds of over 70 mph. The larger point to be noticed here is the sheer agility of the Subaru WRX which makes it superior to the STI.

The STI is No Pushover, However

There is an element of evident strength in the STI that scores over the WRX and encourages those who are keen on performance. The STI surely comes with more power and greater cornering ability, but it does compromise heavily in terms of ride quality, especially at large speeds. The element of outside noise is also a tad jarring. The all-wheel drive system enables it for better handling on all kinds of roads.

It’s got the upgraded 6-speed manual gearbox, the acceleration is smooth, and handling is perfect. If the driver is willing to ride this vehicle on a regular basis, this can turn out to be a strong performer on both the track and the road, albeit with improvisations.

What will Actually Make You Choose the WRX?

WRX is priced $5,235 less compared to the STI, which should give a real boost to the buyers which is another reason why we recommend the WRX. The car buyer who isn’t a rally person and does not wish to take his WRX to the track or rally course should be comfortable and happy with the new-generation WRX offers him/her. It is sharp, quick, can get you to work safely and smoothly, offers room for a couple of friends that you want to go out to lunch with.

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