The 2019 Subaru BRZ is designed for ultra-quick responsiveness. Every action you take on the road, be it accelerating around that tight corner or braking on a dime, the BRZ follows with an immediate reaction. The heart and soul of Subaru are built right in under the hood of this sports car. With up to 205 horsepower and a base curb weight of 2,789 pounds the BRZ has the body of a true track car too.


The BRZ has the idea layout. Its extremely low and rearward engine placement give it incredible balance, an almost aftermarket low center of gravity, and rear-wheel-drive handling dynamics that give you a race feel every time you get behind the wheel. Just in case the drive isn’t thrilling enough, the BRZ’s stability control system features a “track” mode that provides even more handling when you need it around those one lane winding back roads.


The BRZ is designed to perform like the rest of the sports cars and that means independent MacPherson struts in the front and an independent double wishbone suspension in the back is standard on every trim line. There are no compromises here, the BRZ won’t get lost in the pack because it leads it.


Another feature standard across all trim lines is Subaru’s legendary BOXER® Engine. This tuned, naturally aspirated 2.0-liter horizontally opposed beast pumps out up to 205 horsepower. There’s a delicate balance between power and efficiency, but Subaru nailed it. Direct and port-injection technology provides more than 100 horsepower per liter, and the dual active valve control system optimizes valve timing for maximum response all the way to the 7,400 rpm redline. You never have to worry about being left behind when you’re behind the wheel of the BRZ.


The Subaru BRZ isn’t just engineered to be the best sports car for your dollar, it’s engineered for fun. It’s low weight enhances reflexes and delivers razor sharp handling from start to finish. The philosophy for fun, responsive, sharp driving goes right down to the brake pedal which has a fim feel for confident control. Oh, and just like every pedal on the BRZ it features a motorsport-style drilled metal design. Subaru never see affordable as an excuse to cut corners.


The BRZ is automatic.

You believed that? No, the BRZ is absolutely not automatic. Come on. True to it’s sports car styling, the BRZ features a 6-speed manual transmission in all models. It’s a fully synchronized close-ratio manual with a short throw shifter for the most precise control of gear selection. Driving the BRZ is an experience, and absolutely not one for those who want the car to drive itself.


The BRZ features a STARLINK multimedia system with built in Pandora®, SiruisXM All Access Radio™, Apple CarPlay™, and Android™ Auto. Pairing your device has never been easier thanks to wireless and hands-free smartphone operation. You’re in a BRZ there’s no time to look away from the road (there never really is, no matter what you’re driving), and that’s why Subaru made sure you can access everything easily without moving your hands from the wheel.


Safety goes outside the cabin as well, thanks to LED headlight and taillights being standard on all models. You will never have to worry about being unseen, nor will you ever have to worry about the road ahead. Everything will be well lit, and fellow drivers will have something to see as you pull away leaving them with an image of crisp LED taillights and the sleek, sporty aluminum rear spoiler.


The snappy engine and stylish design aren’t the only things up to racing standards. The interior is as comfortable and high quality as they come. The leather wrapped steering wheel is a small diameter giving drivers ultimate control and comfort; the sport seating is heavily bolstered and grants ideal positioning for a direct connection with the vehicle. The entire interior is embossed with premium quality material that creates an environment which is inviting and calming but never detracts from the beating heart of this sports car.



The 2019 Subaru BRZ is available right now at Haldeman Subaru. Come down for a test drive; just make sure you wear your seatbelt.

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