When buying a car in Hamilton, NJ, most people are often caught between buying a new and a used car. While both options have their benefits, it's often more beneficial to buy a used car. Subaru has been at the forefront of manufacturing durable and reliable cars. The Impreza has for a long time been a popular car for many people from Lumberton, NJ to Lawrenceville, NJ. Here are reasons you should consider buying a used one.

Saves Money

The prices of used cars are often lower than new cars. One of the reasons for this is that cars depreciate after a certain date. If you buy it from a dealer, you will only be paying for the resale price. Although a used Impreza will cost less, saving you money, it will be a capable vehicle that might serve you for a long time.

Access to Vehicle Records

When buying a used car from a dealer, they will be able to tell you the details about the car. This way, you can check for anything that might be wrong with it. If the car has been in an accident or if you are looking for a specific part, you will find all the information you need online.

Lower Depreciation

Used Subaru Impreza's may not be the newest version, but they could be better than new ones. This is because the older models have already gone through much of the depreciation process. New cars start depreciation once they are driven off the lot. Additionally, during the first three years, these cars depreciate by up to 30%. Thus, you don't have to worry about the depreciation once you opt for a used Impreza.

Lower Insurance Costs

Buying a used car will also save you money on your insurance. The reason is that the used car will have a lower value. This means it will be insured at a lower price. The best way to get lower insurance costs is to opt for a used car, which means lower insurance rates.

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